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HIV Navigation in Texas

Access code required

This course consists of pre-work, one live Zoom session, and post-work and can take up to 5 hours to complete all modules. The goal of the course is to increase understanding of HIV status-neutral navigation to improve continuity in prevention and care.


By the end of this training, participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Describe the HIV status-neutral continuum
  • Describe your role in the HIV status-neutral continuum
  • Explain how effective navigation contributes to ending the HIV epidemic
  • Explain the changes in the HIV prevention and care landscape
  • Explain barriers to access/retention to care

    Course Completion

    • Learners are expected to complete all parts of the course, including prerequisites, pre-work, and post-work in order to receive your certificate of completion
    • The instructor-led portion of the course on Zoom is interactive, and learners must participate to complete it
    • The maximum number of participants allowed into the live Zoom course is 45. If this course is full, please enroll in the next training

    What you will need:

    • A computer with internet
    • Video and microphone capabilities (to engage in the live Zoom session)
    • A space without distractions

    2024 Session Dates: All sessions run from 1:00-3:00PM, Central Time

    • Feb 1 (Pre-work opens on Jan 3 and post-work closes on Feb 8)
    • Feb 29 (Pre-work opens on Jan 31 and post-work closes on Mar 7)
    • Mar 21 (Pre-work opens on Feb 21 and post-work closes on Mar 28)
    • Apr 11 (Pre-work opens on March 13 and post-work closes Apr 18)
    • May 2 (Pre-work opens on April 3 and post-work closes May 9)
    • June 6 (Pre-work opens on May 8 and post-work closes June 13)
    • July 11 (Pre-work opens on June 12 and post-work closes on July 18)
    • Aug 1 (Pre-work opens on July 3 and post-work closes on Aug 8)
    • Sep 5 (Pre-work opens on Aug 7 and post-work closes on Sep 12)
    • Oct 3 (Pre-work opens on Sep 4 and post-work closes on Oct 10)
    • Nov 7 (Pre-work opens on Oct 9 and post-work closes on Nov 14)
    • Dec 16 (Pre-work opens on Nov 17 and post-work closes on Dec 23)

      Here is the course outline:

      1. Prerequisites

      Jan 30

      You must complete these courses prior to attending the live Zoom session. If you have completed them, you will not have to complete them again.

      2. Pre-Work

      Jan 30

      Complete pre-work in order to gain access to the live Zoom session. Please note, you will be able to access the Pre-Work activities one month before the live Zoom session.

      3. Live Zoom Session

      Jan 31

      Attend live Zoom session from 1:00-3:00pm CT to access post-work.

      4. Post-Work

      Feb 7

      Complete post-work to receive your certificate of completion.


      The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

      Certificate of Completion
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