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Caring for Gender Diverse Youth


This online course is composed of two parts focused on preparing primary care providers to care for gender diverse youth.

About this Independent Study

This activity was originally released on October 21, 2021 and is available for continuing education credit until October 20, 2025. The course was updated in October 2023.  

This learning activity was created by providers from the Seattle Children’s Gender Clinic to increase knowledge and comfort with gender-affirming care. There are two separate courses. The first is an introduction to gender-affirming care, and the second focuses on medical aspects of care.


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This online activity is composed of two courses focused on preparing primary care providers to care for gender diverse youth. Participants will learn how to create an affirming clinical environment, manage medical aspects of gender affirmation, and to refer to a specialist or multidisciplinary clinic when necessary. By preparing primary care providers to treat gender diverse patients, transgender and gender non-binary youth will be able to receive the majority of their care in their medical home without unnecessary travel to specialty clinics.

  1. Creating a Welcoming Environment
  2. Gender Affirming Medical Care

Learning Objectives

  • Part One – Creating a Welcoming Environment
    • Understand key terminology and concepts important in the care of the gender diverse youth
    • Discuss the health disparities and protective factors associated with gender diverse youth
    • Describe at least three strategies for creating an affirming clinical environment for gender diverse patients
  • Part Two – Gender Affirming Medical Care
    • Review medical options for care in pubertal and post-pubertal gender diverse youth
    • Compare options for dosing regimens for estrogen and testosterone
    • Recognize options for surgical care

Who Should Register

MD/DOs, ARNPs, PAs, MAs, social workers, health professional students, administrative staff and other staff of medical clinics that serve youth.


This training is made possible with funding through Seattle Children’s Hospital.



Here is the course outline:

Before You Start the Course

Course One: Creating a Welcoming Environment

Course Two: Gender Affirming Medical Care

This course goes into detail about treatment and prescribing practices. It is not required for all learners.

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