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11.8.23 and 11.15.23 Curriculum-Based Core Skills Training for Middle and High School Educators

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This training will be a hybrid training, including self-paced e-Learning modules and live training via Zoom. In addition to a review of the Positive Prevention Plus curriculum, we will also be covering the core skills needed for effective sex education. Each of the sessions will include strategies and considerations for teaching sex ed. 


    Geared towards educators who will be providing instruction to Middle School and High School students using either the 2021 or 2018 version of Positive Prevention Plus. Special Education teachers should attend a separate training unless they plan on using the general education curriculum. Positive Prevention Plus does have a separate Special Populations curriculum that will NOT be covered during this series.

    Teacher Curriculum Binder

    Whether your students are using the Independent Study or you're teaching the curriculum synchronously, it's important for you to have access to a teacher curriculum binder. Cardea does not provide the curriculum, only the training! Your district administrator will provide you with a curriculum binder. For any questions on acquiring a binder, please reach out to your district administrator.

    If you are using the 2021 version, please make sure that you have created an account on the Positive Prevention Plus website before the training begins. If you have any questions regarding accessing your Positive Prevention Plus account, please contact Positive Prevention Plus directly at or visit their Contact Us page. To purchase curriculum, please contact Positive Prevention Plus via their website.


    For the live portion of the training, we will be utilizing Zoom. You will find the Zoom link once you log into the course and click on the Course Information Module. 

    Dates and Times 

    • Pre-Work due before live session on November 8 - Please complete the Core Skills Primer (approx. 2.5-3 hours of content). These modules must be complete before the live session begins!
    • November 8, 3:15 - 6:30 PM PST - Live Core Skills Practice session via Zoom. We will be practicing and building on the content you covered in eLearning modules.
    • Pre-Work due before live session on November 15 : Please complete the Middle School or High School Curriculum Review (approx. 2.5-3 hours of content). Please only complete for the grade level you will be teaching. These modules must be complete before the live session begins!
    • November 15 3:15 - 6:30 PM PST- Live Curriculum Review session via Zoom. 


    If you are a district administrator who needs to register and pay for one or more teachers, or a teacher who cannot pay by credit card, please visit our e-Commerce Site. You will be able to enter the names and emails of all participants and request to pay by check/PO/Invoice. Each of the participants you enter will receive an email, directing them back to this page. The email will include a coupon code to enter when prompted to pay.

    Mailings for Future Events

    Please be sure to sign up for the Cardea Sex Education Mailing-List if you would like to receive notifications of future calls, webinars, and training opportunities. Cardea is in the process of refining our policies to prioritize correspondence to those that are actively subscribed. We would like to continue providing you information and services,  click here to sign-up for future notifications. 

    To access resources for each session, please ENROLL

    Select the red Enroll button, usually at the upper right. Then start the course for information on how to attend the live sessions.



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    Here is the course outline:

    Course Information

    Core Skills Primer

    Welcome to Units 1-5 of the Core Skills Primer.


    Click here for resources for all sessions!


    The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

    Certificate of Completion: P3 Virtual Course
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